How Best to Rescue Our Representative Democracy, Presented by Rick Hubbard

Our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, fought a war, and founded our country, largely over the issue of improper representation. Subsequently, they drafted our Constitution to better provide this representation and to place broad public interests ahead of private interests. So how are we doing today?

We’ll discuss why large numbers of Americans feel we have major, well documented, problems with the structure and financing of our political system that combine to result in improper representation of broad citizen interests by Congress.

You’ll each be loaned iClicker devices to record and present collective audience responses about the following and more:

How serious is the threat and what is the best strategy for reform.

  • How serious are powerful threats to diminish or lose our form of democracy?
  • What current practices prevent proper representation?
  • What are the parts of effective reform to provide effective representation.
  • Is real reform most likely to come from Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, or from citizens and legislatures through Article V as provided by our Founders?
  • Is effective reform by statute or by constitutional amendment more likely?
  • Is it fixable without collaboration across all ideologies?

We all have an interest in getting this right, so please come and participate.

Rick Hubbard is a retired Vermont attorney, former economic consultant, and  author of The Democracy Amendments.