President Trump’s legal teams, now backed by at least 17 Republican Attorneys General and many Congress members, are trying to use state and federal courts to reverse the outcome of our presidential election.

Constant repetition of lies without factual basis stating that the election is rigged and that massive fraud occurred, is no substitute for actual facts, even though large numbers of Americans believe them.

America’s legal system is designed to achieve justice based on an accurate and thorough examination of both facts and law. Attorneys are legally obligated to practice law in accordance with a Code of Ethics that obligates them to advance and serve their client’s interests. But that duty is not unlimited. It does not trump the ethical obligation to their legal profession not to bring or defend a legal action unless there is a basis in law and fact for doing so.

When they proceed and bring a frivolous lawsuit, they violate both the law and the oath they took when admitted to practice in their respective jurisdictions. In doing so, they demonstrate rot in the very foundation of our legal system. Shame on every one of them.

To date, courts have resisted, ruling that without presenting sufficient allegations of fraud or illegality, their lawsuits may not proceed.

But, watch to see how many of these attorneys are sanctioned under law for breaking their oath of office. We are testing the foundation of our democracy. Will it hold?