A Conversation About the State of Our Democracy

WHEN:        Sat., March 17th, 10am – Noon
WHERE:      South Burlington Public Library — University Mall — 155 Dorset Street, So. Burlington VT 05403


Come participate, collaborate and analyze.

Repairing the financing and structure of our federal political system so our Washington politicians will properly represent the interests of the vast majority of American citizens is considered by many to be the paramount public policy issue of our time, for it goes to the very core of our democracy and representation.

South Burlington resident Rick Hubbard, a retired Vermont attorney, former economic consultant, and recent author of The Democracy Amendments, will lead the presentation and strategy discussion about how to best achieve effective reform.    

Each audience member will be loaned an iClicker device that will use audience response technology to record and present our collective audience judgments about the following topics:

  • How serious are powerful threats to diminish or lose our form of democracy?
  • What current practices prevent proper representation?
  • Is real reform most likely to come from Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, from citizens and state legislatures, or through Article V as provided by our Founders?
  • Is effective reform by statute or by constitutional amendment more likely?
  • Is it fixable without collaboration across all ideologies?
  • What must effective reform include?

Regardless of our ideology, we all have a stake in having our federal government properly represent our common citizen interests, so please come and participate.