Gubernatorial Candidates Need to Debate Healthcare

Vermont Public Radio Commentary

INTRO: Commentator Rick Hubbard thinks our gubernatorial candidates should begin answering a health care question that Vermont voters are asking.


A few weeks ago, Vermont Public Television and the Times Argus hosted a Barre Opera House debate among three of our gubernatorial candidates; Jim Douglas, Doug Racine and Con Hogan.

A South Burlington woman was selected from the audience to ask her question. She first made this statement.

“The recently issued Lewin report on health care delivery in Vermont stated that if all monies now spent on health care were collected and disbursed by a single entity, all Vermonters could receive comprehensive health care privately provided by doctors at an annual savings of over $100 million dollars. Our current approach does not insure all Vermonters and has resulted in huge administrative cost increases.”

Then she asked each candidate: “Would you encourage a debate about which is the better delivery approach?”

None of the three gubernatorial candidates answered her question!

Each simply explained their views on health care.

If they did actually debate alternatives, here are some questions they ought to answer.